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Spring Break All Skills

Suggested age: 10 -16 
Level of play: Beginner/Intermediate
Season: Spring (March or April)

NVVA All Skills camps offer sessions where players are able to sharpen specific skills with individual and group competition drills, adapted to the players’ unique abilities.  All boys and girls ages 10-16 interested in improving their volleyball skills are encouraged to participate!



Fall Clinics

Suggested age: 10-18
Level of play: Beginner/Advanced
Season: Fall 

The Fall Clinics prepare players for the club try-outs that begin in November as well as help LYV and high school players improve their skills during the season. The emphasis is on good technique and sound skill development. 



Tryout Prep Clinics

Suggested age: 10 -18
Level of play: intermediate/advanced

The tryout prep clinic will fully prepare athletes for the upcoming club tryout weekend at NVVA. Clinics will be run by NVVA Travel, Select and Regional division coaches. Coaches will run drills very similar to the drills you will be facing during tryouts. You can register for as many sessions that fit your schedule.  Monthly registration provides a healthy discount from the weekly fee. 


Summer All Skills

Suggested age: 10 -16 
Level of play: Beginner/Intermediate

Looking to learn and improve your volleyball skills? NVVA’s All Skills Camp is the program for you! Players learn and improve specific skills, emphasizing serving, passing, setting and hitting.


High School Prep

Suggested age: 14 -18
Level of play: Beginner/Intermediate

This is the perfect camp to prepare you for tryouts in August.  Shake off the dust and start getting into volleyball form again.  Our drills, geared toward providing players with lots of touches, will prepare you to perform at your best during tryouts. 


Middle School (LYV) Prep

Suggested age: 10 -15 
Level of play: Beginner/Intermediate

The Middle School Prep program prepares players for the middle school leagues that begin play in the fall.  The emphasis is on good technique and sound skill development.   This program is the perfect way to prepare your player to contribute to the middle school team in the fall or to tryout for a club team in November.


Skill Specific Clinics

Suggested age: 13 -18 
Level of play: Intermediate/Advanced

Come work on your specific skill with the best staff of volleyball coaches in Northern Virginia. Our skills clinics are designed to help you improve your game by working specifically on your mechanics and technique. These clinics have a maximum size of 12 athletes per group with one coach for every 6 players.


Volley Juniors

Suggested age: 6 -11 
Level of play: Beginner

Volley Juniors is an introduction to volleyball for younger players, ages 6-11.  The balls are lighter, and the net is lowered to help make younger players successful.  Players are taught the basic skills of volleyball, along with movement exercises and the terms and definitions associated with the game.  Players learn the positions and locations on the court as well as the proper techniques for handling the ball. 


Private Lessons

Suggested age: 9 -18 
Level of play: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Our private lesson coaches are certified professionals who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable. If you are new to volleyball or want to bring your game to the next level, we can help you! Our goal is to assist you in improving your game and obtaining the results you want.


Youth Academy

Suggested age: 8 -14 
Level of play: Beginner

Youth Academy is a program for boys, ages 8-14*, and girls, ages 8-11* who would like to learn the fundamentals of the sport in a skills appropriate, yet relaxed, environment. Games used will teach volleyball game movement using a game called Smashball. Players will be challenged to progress through 4 levels of play, with the 4th level preparing players for the next level of play). 



Shirley Terry

Shirley Terry

NVVA Programs Manager

Phone: 571-313-1748

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