How does my child get on a team?
LYV is a recreation league. We take every child who registers as long as we can recruit the necessary coaching personnel. Middle school girls, high school girls, and middle school boys must attend the appropriate Skills Assessment at NVVA's Virginia Volleyball Center (VVC) to get placed on a team. Please see Calendar for the specific date and time. If your middle school girl, high school girl, or middle school boy player is unable to attend their Skills Assessment on the dates offered, you must contact the LYV Representative for your middle school, the LYV High School Girls Representative, or the LYV Boys Division Representative respectively.

High school boys will placed on teams based on skills and geographic location. There will not be a Skills Assessment for this Division and players little or no experience will be contacted prior to the start of the season.

What exactly are Skills Assessments?
Skills Assessments are how LYV assigns the players to teams based on location and skill. Skills Assessments are held before practices begin. Skills Assessments will consist of drills and game like situations that every participant will be asked to perform. The Skills Assessment schedule can be found on the Calendar.

For middle school girls, Skills Assessments are held at the VVC during the time reserved for the middle school they attend. 4th and 5th grade girls attend the Skills Assessment at the assigned date and time for the middle school they would attend if they were going to be in 6th grade. Players must attend the Skills Assessments during the time reserved for the middle school they attend. In addition to the VVC session, there may be a make-up Skills Assessment during the week following the VVC Skills Assessment at the player's middle school. The make-up Skills Assessment at each middle school will also be used for final placement of players on the Open 1 and/or Open 2 teams.

High school girls and middle school boys attend a Skills Assessment at the VVC for that specifics division. There are no make-up Skills Assessment for these divisions.

High school boys will not have a Skills Assessment. Players with little or no experience will be contacted prior to the start of the season.

Do participants have to "try-out" for a team?  Are players "cut" from the teams?
LYV is a rec league where every participant makes a team provided we can recruit enough volunteer coaches. There are no "cuts". LYV does divide its middle school girls participants by skill level, so those players wishing to be considered for the higher skilled Open teams should look at the Skills Assessments as a try-out. The house and 4th/5th/6th grade teams, high school girls, middle school boys, and high school boys are "drafted" so we have equally skilled teams in those divisions.

What are the differences in the divisions LYV offers?

  • Girls 4th/5th/6th grade division – beginner skill level
  • Girls Middle School House division – beginner – intermediate skill level
  • Girls Middle School Open 2 division – intermediate – advanced skill level
  • Girls Middle School Open 1 division – most advanced skill level
  • Girls High School division - for high school aged players of all levels who are not on a high school team and wish to continue playing
  • Middle School Boys division - for 4th - 8th grade players of all levels
  • High School Boys division - for high school aged players of all levels who want to play in a competitive environment against other high school boys from Loudoun and Fairfax Counties

See the Divisions tab (at the top of this page) for more detailed descriptions of divisions.

Can my 4th, 5th, or 6th grade girl play up?
Yes. Typically, 4th graders will not play up and are allowed to do so. 5th and 6th graders are allowed to play up. In certain cases, 5th and 6th graders might be needed to play up to fill out a house team. A 4th, 5th, or 6th grader will not be pulled up to a House team without consulting with the parents first.

Are walk-in registrants accepted?
Yes, LYV will accept walk-ins at our Skills Assessments provided the parent is present to sign a liability release. Walk-ins will be placed on a waiting list and have no guarantee of getting on a team. Walk-in registrants successfully placed on a team must register on-line and pay in full prior to the team’s first practice.

Does LYV accept participants who do not reside in Loudoun County?
Applicants from outside of the county of Loudoun are permitted to participate provided there is space on a roster. The non-resident may not displace a resident of Loudoun County. Non-residents will usually be placed on the team that is geographically closest to their home. If that is not possible, the non-residents will be offered an opportunity to play on a team with roster space available. Non-resident middle school girls may not play on an Open 1 or Open 2 division team; they can only play on a House or a 4th/5th/6th grade team.

When will I know what team my child is on?
Some coaches will begin notifying team members as soon as the Skills Assessments are complete. Other coaches might wait a day or two. If you have not heard from a coach by the practice start date at your school, contact your LYV Middle School Representative, LYV High School Girls Representative, or LYV Boys Division Representative.

When and where will my player's team practice?
Your middle school girl player's team will practice at their home middle school or an LYV designated elementary school close to your middle school. This includes the 4th/5th/6th grade teams. High school girls teams, middle school boys teams, and high school boys teams also practice at middle schools and elementary schools.

Each team practices twice a week for a maximum of three hours total. Practice sessions are 90 minutes in length. Practices are scheduled between 6:15pm – 10:15pm Monday - Friday. Practice times are dependent on number of teams at your middle school and your volunteer coach’s availability.

Where does LYV get their coaches from?
All of our coaches are volunteers. The majority of LYV’s coaches are recruited from the pool of parents at each school. LYV offers coaching clinics at the beginning of the season for volunteers who want to coach but have no volleyball experience. Refer to the Coaches Clinic link on our website for more details.

When and where are games played?
Regular season matches are played on Saturdays. Matches generally start at 9:00 am and continue throughout the day until 5:00 pm. LYV uses set play: a match consists of three sets, regardless of who won the first two, with a time limit of 50 minutes. Typically teams plays two matches back-to-back, for a total of 6 sets. The time commitment on Saturdays is approximately two hours.

LYV has used up to 10 different middle schools and the VVC as game sites throughout the county during the regular season. There is no guarantee you will ever have a match scheduled at your home middle school. Occasionally your team may only play one match or may play an extra match on Match Day.

Loudoun County middle schools have bleachers in the Main gym only. When your team is scheduled to play in the Aux gym, please bring your own chairs.

Does my child need any special athletic equipment or clothing?
All volleyball equipment, including volleyballs, are provided by LYV. Participants are asked to wear appropriate athletic wear. If desired, knee pads can be obtained at sporting goods stores. Your child will be provided with a team t-shirt before your first match. Many coaches like to coordinate matching shorts and/or socks, but they are not provided or required.

What are volleyball rules? What are LYV's volleyball rules? Are there any special rules or modifications?
LYV follows USA Volleyball’s rules with some slight modifications. LYV does allow a modified service line for 4th/5th/6th grade league. LYV also allows continuous rotations.

LYV Policies contain additional information about how the league functions.

LYV Line-up Sheet (USAV) for Open 1, Open 2, and High School Girls (HSG) Divisions

LYV requires coaches to use an LYV Line-up Sheet (USAV) so that can be reviewed by the Tournament Director and referee if necessary. The line-up sheet must contain the players name rather than a jersey number as in club volleyball. This line-up sheet must be used by teams in Open 1, Open 2, and HSG Divisions.

LYV Line-up Sheet (Continuous Rotation) for House, 456, and Middle School Boys (MSB) Divisions

LYV requires coaches to use an LYV Line-up Sheet (Continuous Rotation) so that can be reviewed by the Tournament Director and referee if necessary. The line-up sheet must contain the players name rather than a jersey number as in club volleyball. This line-up sheet must be used by teams in House, 456, and MSB Divisions.

LYV Tournament Rules and Information
LYV Tournament matches are played slightly differently than regular season matches. Please review prior to playing.

LYV Code of Conduct is provided for reference.
Everyone involved with LYV signs the LYV Code of Conduct upon registration.