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New Starts - Rising Stars Skills Academy Week 1


New Starts - Rising Stars Skills Academy Week 1




4 days

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About the program

NVVA is excited to invite all elementary school kids to join our exhilarating Turkey volleyball-themed camp! Tailored specifically for young athletes, our camp focuses on developing fundamental volleyball skills in a fun and supportive environment. Each day, campers will participate in engaging drills and games that not only enhance their technical abilities but also foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and confidence. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to providing personalized attention to help every camper excel. Whether your child is new to volleyball or looking to improve their skills, Rising Stars Skills Academy is the perfect place to ignite their passion for the game and make lasting friendships!

Week 1 Camp offers AM, PM, and Full Day Options for Ages 8 - 18


Manius Abbadi

Manius Abbadi

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  • What is the best division/level for my athlete?
    The main difference between our divisions is the time and financial commitment your family is willing to dedicate to club volleyball. Our coaches we do their best to place each athlete in the most appropriate team, however, ultimately is up to families to choose the team schedule that works best to their family. If you believe your athlete and your family are ready to fully commit to club volleyball, just select "All divisions" during registration and our coaches will know that we can place your athlete at the team that best fits their skill level.
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