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Summer Volleyball Genome - Week 1


Summer Volleyball Genome - Week 1




4 days

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About the program

Join us for our Genome Volleyball Camp from June 24th to June 27th, featuring a special Turkey-themed week! This camp is designed specifically for athletes looking to enhance their all-around volleyball skills and effectively apply them in game situations. It will also celebrate the rich culture of Turkey, one of the world's top-ranked women's volleyball teams.

Participants will engage in comprehensive training sessions that cover all aspects of the sport, including serving, passing, setting, attacking, and defense. Expert coaches will provide personalized instruction and feedback, integrating fun facts and engaging activities related to Turkish culture throughout the camp. This week aims to boost individual performance and enrich the camp experience with a taste of Turkey’s rich traditions and cultural heritage.

The camp will foster teamwork and game intelligence, making Genome Volleyball Camp an ideal choice for players aiming to elevate their game to the next level. Get ready to immerse yourself in Turkey's unique spirit and, if possible, hear from a special guest hailing from Turkey’s volleyball scene!

Week 1 Camp offers AM, PM, and Full Day Options for Ages 8 - 18


Manius Abbadi

Manius Abbadi

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  • What is the best division/level for my athlete?
    The main difference between our divisions is the time and financial commitment your family is willing to dedicate to club volleyball. Our coaches we do their best to place each athlete in the most appropriate team, however, ultimately is up to families to choose the team schedule that works best to their family. If you believe your athlete and your family are ready to fully commit to club volleyball, just select "All divisions" during registration and our coaches will know that we can place your athlete at the team that best fits their skill level.
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