Frenquently Asked Question


There is a lot of information on our website to describe the tryout process, as well as the program offerings for the 2015-16 season. We are fielding many questions and hope to answer some of the most common ones below:

I am trying out for a Travel Team, what if I don’t make a team?

If you don’t make a Travel team, then you need to try out for Select or Regional teams; the top level Select team, will be the “Open” team.

If I make a Travel team, do I have to play in the Travel division?

Our registration system allows you to choose which teams you would prefer to play on.  Our expectation is if you register to play on a Travel team and are offered a spot on a Travel team, that you are committed to playing for that team.

What if I can’t afford Travel, but can afford “Open?”

Please get in touch with NVVA’s Bookkeeper, as soon as possible to inquire about various options to work with your particular circumstance.

Who picks the teams?

A Selection committee made up of a) Technical Director, b) Division Director and c) Head Coach will pick each team Travel to Regional divisions.

How are teams picked?

  • Selection Committee reviews the TrueAP testing scores and the evaluator sheets throughout the tryout; players are ranked 1 through (depending on how many kids show up).
  • Players are evaluated during their tryout, given an overall ranking and offered; depending on how players respond, teams are filled.
  • ALL divisions’ teams are filled in based on athleticism and the contribution they can make to the team, NOT by a draft method of selection.
  • Players for ICE Elite team are offered spots or told they are alternates; players for Select teams are offered spots or told they are alternates; players for  Regioanl teams are offered spots or told they are alternates.
  • ALL players can a) accept a spot offered immediately, b) accept an alternate position (if offered) AND accept a spot with a lower level team with the understanding that if the alternate spot opens up, the player WILL be moved to the higher level team.

Do I have to accept a spot right away?

No, you may accept right away, but you don’t have to. If you need time to check out other programs, make some determinations, talk things through, then take that time. CHRVA rules indicate that you have until the end of the Tryout Period. That means, you can accept a spot right away, or you can wait until the Tryout Period is over to reply. The Tryout Period ends on 11/10/15 for ages 13 and under and 11/17/15 for ages 14 and over.

Why does it take so long sometimes to hear from a coach when you’re an alternate?

Likely because that coach is waiting for a reply from a player he/she offered a spot to.

Should I take an offer from another club if I’m an alternate on an NVVA team?

That is a family decision. We suggest looking at the previous year’s records to get an idea of how strong teams are likely to be. Sometimes our second, third or fourth teams are stronger than another club’s first team, but ultimately it needs to be your decision.

If I don’t make a team, what are my options?

  • We have our Galaxy League at NVVA, geared towards those players who have potential to play on club teams in the future, but need more skills development to achieve that goal. Further information is on our website at
  • There are many clubs in this area. Go to to get a listing of all the clubs and their websites to see when and where other tryouts are

Can I discuss tryout results?

Yes, we are happy to discuss tryout results. Please contact Kris Wojieck at to make this request.

I’ve heard that your teams have already been preselected, so why bother to try out?

Our teams are NOT preselected! Our coaches have been watching players and making lists of players who they think have potential to play for NVVA. Until we know who actually tries out for NVVA, and if offered, who chooses to play for NVVA, we DON’T know which players are on teams.

We wish everyone good luck! We realize these are anxious times and will work diligently to make this necessary process as quick and accurate as possible.

If I only want to play in the Galaxy League, do I still have to try-out for Club?

No, but you will have to pay the same try-out fee and try-out for the Galaxy League which includes TrueAp testing and volleyball skills assessments so the experience is good for you and you might get a Club offer.  We are only able to accommodate 78 players in the Galaxy League per season and are looking for athletes that demonstrate athletic potential.  The Galaxy League only has one try-out session.