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Loudoun County Volleyball League

What is Loudoun Youth Volleyball?


Since 1997 Loudoun Youth Volleyball (LYV) has provided over 20,000 athletes with a chance to start their volleyball aspirations. The league has been the first step for every high school volleyball player in Loudoun County. Numerous players that have played college volleyball have started playing with LYV.  

To get started, middle school and elementary school girls can find their school below. High school girls, select the division that is represented by your school.  
If you are a boy in elementary school, middle school or high school select the division represented by your school.

Players that are looking to register who live outside of Loudoun County, please select "out of county": Cascades for middle school girls, Earthquake for boys, or Earth for high school girls.

If you don't see your Loudoun County school in the list or have any question you can visit our LYV FAQ,
email us at or call 571-313-1748 and we will gladly assist you.

Important dates and programs fees

Make sure you stay on top of LYV's important dates. Don't wait too long to register and pay a later fee. Your exact assessment day and time can be found at your school page (click on your school logo). 

Elementary School Assessments

Elementary Division Assessments center around a basic athletic evaluation as well as the opportunity to meet their teammates and coaches, learn more about the sport and more importantly, have a lot of fun The Elementary Assessments will coordinate with the Middle School Assessment date and time.

You can play both indoor and beach!

Different than the indoor volleyball league, the beach volleyball league does not require skills assessments and teams will be formed in a first-come-first-serve basis. 

What is LYV Beach?

Represent your school in both indoor and at LYV Beach Volleyball League! The goal for the middle school beach volleyball league is to provide athletes with another opportunity to continue to play volleyball during the days they are not practicing or playing LYV indoor volleyball league. 

Benefits of Beach:

  • Develops well-rounded players.
  • Improves speed, quickness, jumping ability, and stamina.
  • Gives players exposure to another sport that requires similar skills.
  • Creates mental toughness such as focus, self-control, and confidence.

League Format:
The program will run for 9 consecutive Sundays with the first Sunday being a clinic which will teach the players the basics of the game and rotations instructions. The following weeks will be match play (45-60 min) with each school playing against another school. Teams will have up to seven players (playing 4 vs. 4) with all players participating in every game.

Typical Weekly Schedule

Time/Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Gym Elementary1 Elementary3 Elementary1 Elementary3
Aux Gym Elementary2 House3 Elementary2 House3
Main Gym Open1 House1 Open1 House1
Aux Gym Open2 House2 Open2 House2

*Please note there are many variations and this is a possible schedule.
*Practices may occur on Fridays.
*High School Girls and High School Boys may be assigned late practice slots.
*Matches will be played on Saturdays and Sundays. Start times will vary between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM on Saturdays or 8:00AM and 1:00PM on Sundays.



Prepare for LYV

Get ready for LYV by signing up for one of the programs below

All Skills Camp

Sharpen your skills during the summer

Hitting, Setting, Passing, Blocking, Serving.....NVVA All Skills camps offer sessions where players will learn/improve specific skills through lively drills, games, and contests, adapted to each players' individual abilities. Boys and Girls ages 10-16 are encouraged to participate!

Coaches will arrange players into boys and girls courts then again by age and skill level, providing faster-paced drills for more advanced players and additional instruction for less skilled players. 

Summer Assessment Prep

Get ready for LYV assesments

The Summer LYV Assessment Prep program prepares players for boys and girls middle school leagues and elementary school leagues that begin play in the fall.  The emphasis of this program is on good technique and sound skill development. This program is the perfect way to prepare your child to reach higher assessment scores and contribute to their teams in the Fall.

LYV Summer Assessment Prep caters to:

  • Elementary School Boys
  • Elementary School Girls
  • Middle School Boys
  • Middle School Girls

Skills clinics

Tune up those skills

Looking to improve your serve? Need volleyball specific training? NVVA is here to help! We provide specific opportunities for you to get better in the areas you want! There are plenty of opportunities to fit into YOUR schedule with the various clinics, camps, and lessons below.

Athletes will be divided based on athletic and skill level.



LYV career opportunities

Be part of our leadership team! We have spots available for volunteer and paid coaches, referees, and tournament directors. 

Become a Coach!

Become a Referee!

Become a Tournament Director!

Are you ready to play volleyball?

  • Around 1300 athletes per year
  • More than 100 teams
  • 240 coaches
  • 18 participating schools
  • More than 20,000 athletes have played LYV

Why volleyball?

Did you know that volleyball is the number one women's sport in the United States? Did you also know that women's beach volleyball is the fastest-growing NCAA sport in the organization's history?