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Do I need to participate in an assessment? Why?

If you are trying out for elementary school, middle school house, or open, or for high school as an individual, you do need to participate in an assessment.  At LYV, every player makes a team. However, we do need to fairly measure the athlete to place them on a team that best matches their current skill level. Assessments take place at the Virginia Volleyball Center using objective scoring and advanced technology for skills and performance measurement. 


What are the differences in divisions that LYV offers?

We offer high school division usually for players that don’t play in their high school team. This season, the high school division is for all high school players in Loudoun County. For middle schoolers, we offer an Open 1 division which is for players with more experience or with a high level of athleticism and a House Division for less experienced players. We also have an elementary school division with an adapted style of play for younger volleyball players.


How does my child get on a team?

Your child gets on a team by participating in one of our assessments. For the 2020 season, your child can also get on a team by invitation in our High School league.


What is your refund policy? 

We usually give refunds only up to your child’s first day of practice in the league. This year because of COVID-19, we will give you a full refund up to your child’s first day of practice and a pro-rated refund after the season starts.


How can I as a parent help with my child’s team?

         **Health and Safety Volunteer

         **Gametime Ball Rotation Volunteer


I made an Open 1 or High School team but practicing at the Virginia Volleyball Center doesn’t work for me. What are my options? 

If you are in the middle school age group, your option is to join a house team that will be practicing in a Middle School near you, or we can provide you with a full refund for your fees. 


Special Equipment or Clothing?

This season, you should make sure you wear your volleyball exercise clothes, and most importantly always make sure you have your mask and water with you. Players, coaches and volunteers will NOT be allowed to facilities without a mask. Players are required to have adequate water with them or they will not be allowed to participate.


 What is LYV’s policy for COVID-19?

  • Coaches MUST wear a mask at all times
  • Athletes MUST wear a mask unless when participating in a physical activity
  • Tournament at the Virginia Volleyball Center will only use one court to allow enough space in between courts
  • Every event will have at least 15 minutes gap in between for transition and clean up
  • Athletes/parents must fill and sign a symptom check document for EVERY event including practices and matches
  • Athletes MUST bring their own water to practice and matches
  • No spectators allowed during practices or matches
  • Two COVID-19 health safety per team. These will be parents that will be allowed in practices and games, to make sure all safety measures are being followed by athletes and coaches. 


What is the policy for spectators and parents?

For the 2020 season, only coaches, athletes, and volunteers will be allowed in the gym during practices and games.


What are your COVID-19 procedures?


How does registering as an individual for the High School League work? 

To register as an individual, look for the region closest to your home or high school and follow the instructions to register for the region. Then all you need to do is to come to assessments and we will place you on a team with you appropriate skill level. 


Why do I need to do an assessment event though I am registering for a region for the High School league?

Some regions have more than 12 players registered. When that is the case, we need to create two different teams with different skill levels. We need to do an assessment to find out what is the best team for you. There is also a chance that the region will only have a few players registered. If this is the case, we might add you to another region or team if that works for you. To do that, we need to know your assessment score to be able to find the best match for your skill level.


I heard I can register for LYV High School as a team? How does that work?

Yes, exclusively in 2020, you can register as a team to high school league. An adult LYV High School manager creates and registers the team in our system and invites other players to join the team. Each team needs to have no less than 10 players and more than 12. NVVA will provide teams with practice spaces twice a week for 1.5 hours, two matches per weekend once the league starts, and league t-shirts. Every team must have an adult coach on the roster who has cleared NVVA’s background check and Safe Sport training in the past 2 years.


When and where do the High School teams practice? 

Teams practice at the Virginia Volleyball Center and each region will have an assigned practice day. Practice will generally be Monday through Friday from 8:15pm to 9:45pm.


Are there different High School levels?

Yes. We will attempt to form two divisions: High School Varsity and High School Junior Varsity division. Each team is asked the question at registration at what level they would like to play. Varsity is the highest level and Junior Varsity lower level. We will check with each LYV High School manager before the league starts if they believe that is still the best level for them based on current registrations.


Can I register an entire team for LYV HS League?

Yes. Choose LYV High school manager during registration and create your team. You can choose to pay the full fee at registration or to have your players pay their own fees.


How to assign players to my LYV Varsity or JV HS team?

             ---Add video from Rodrigo


What are the Important Dates for LYV?

You should pay attention to the last day to register if you haven’t already done so. You should also know your assessment date and time if that applies to you and your first day of practice. 



When and Where are Games Played?

All games will be played on Saturdays at the Virginia Volleyball Center. Your team will usually play two matches per weekend. Plan to be at the tournament for two and a half hours, please arrive 15 minutes early to drop off or pick you your athlete. Your time slot could range between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. We usually give earlier time slot priority to the younger players. 


Where are practices held?

For middle school house and elementary teams, practices will be at your middle school or at a middle school near you. Open 1 and high school teams will practice at the Virginia Volleyball Center.