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By NVVA STAFF, 05/19/20, 12:45PM EDT


Dear NVVA Families,

Our team is actively following the Virginia Governor's announcements and have been working on creating a coinciding reopening plan for the VVC. As of the most recent announcement, Northern Virginia indoor sports facilities are to remain closed. However, the Governor's announcement has given us hope that we will soon be able to take the first steps into a reopening plan. We understand that things could change in the next few weeks, thus the exact dates for implementing our reopening are tentative. We wanted to provide an outline to our families and athletes of the steps and safety precautions we are planning to take when we're able to reopen.


Phase 1 of our tentative reopening plan is outlined below. We appreciate the support and understanding from our community during this time. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at With our facility being closed, email will be the best way to contact our staff.  We will guarantee a 24 hour response to all questions sent by email regarding the impact of our decision.

We hope everyone is staying healthy, and we can't wait to see you all back in the gym!


In phase 1, we have created an outdoor environment with strict social distancing and sanitation requirements for the safety of our athletes, coaches, and staff.  While they are strict, the requirements do not inhibit the activities we have developed for any of our outdoor training programs.  

For the athlete experience, before leaving home you should ensure that you are wearing appropriate training gear.  You should also have adequate sunblock as well as water and/or electrolyte drink for 1 hour of outdoor activity.  When you arrive at the facility at the back entrance, staff will conduct a temperature check prior to you exiting your vehicle.  If your temperature is below 100.3 degree you will be allowed to exit the vehicle.

Prior to, during, and after training, athletes will use hand sanitizer to clean their hands and will maintain 10 feet of distance from any other athlete and coach who are participating.  Restroom access to the facility will be allowed, one athlete at a time, using a designated bathroom in the gym area closest to the back door.

For the parent’s piece of mind, please evaluate your child’s health for any signs or symptoms of being ill.  Any athlete showing signs of sickness will not be allowed to participate.  After your child has cleared the temperature check, you are welcome to park in the lower section of the lot to observe the training session from your car.  

For the safety of the athletes, coaches, and staff, parents will not be allowed to participate or interact during the training session.  Questions or comments can be sent via email.   

Coaches will be required to wear masks, maintain a 10 foot distance from any and all athletes, and will not handle any equipment that the athlete will use during all training programs.