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2020/2021 Winter Programs

By NVVA STAFF, 10/29/20, 7:30PM EDT


Winter is finally here! Today our NVVA Staff is covering everything you need to know about our winter programs: COVID procedures and protocols, upcoming programs, high school season, and all the new features coming to NVVA this season.


  • Safety for our athletes is our #1 priority
  • Using federal, state, and local authority guidelines
  • Social distancing, masks, symptom/temp checks, parent volunteers
  • Changing our normal coach meet and greet day to zoom meetings, so athletes and coaches can still get to know each other before the season starts
  • Uniform try-ons will be online
  • Response and mitigation procedures: as soon as we find out there’s been an exposure, we build a timeline and decide if it was a primary (in the facility) or secondary (outside facility) exposure, let parents and coaches know that they have been exposed, and implement quarantining procedures/ testing
  • Will we continue with parent volunteers?
    • Yes, definitely!
  • Knowing the balls are cleaned in between each play helps to ensure that there is a minimal chance of spread if someone is exposed
  • Procedures in place during games to keep teams separate
  •  Teams have their own 12 balls, balls are cleaned in between plays and a new ball is put into play
  • Warm-ups are not shared between teams




  • Use stages (right now we’re in stage 3 in VA)
  • If stages begin to backtrack, so will we
  • We will adapt our practice schedule if need be if we have to lower facility capacity, this may include shortening practices
  • We have this flexibility because we have our own facility
  • If we get back to stage 1, we won’t be able to use our outdoor courts to practice due to the weather, but we will work to keep practices going while still meeting the 10 or less capacity
  • Refunds will be given accordingly to schedule changes


  • We support high school volleyball, kids get to play without the fees and with all of their school friends
  • So we created a break from Feb 15th - the end of April so that the high school players can do their HS season too
  • We will have clinics available for players who don’t do high school
  • No practices or tournaments during this break


  • We are affiliated with USAV and AAU
  • We have our own insurance which allows us to play tournaments in our own facility if we don’t participate in USAV or AAU tournaments
  • Last week, there was a big change to USAV and CHRVA rules that don’t match up with our own state guidelines
  • We are already planning on hosting our NVPL tournaments at the VVC under JVA
  • This season we will not be playing in USAV tournaments
  • We want to keep the kids safe by participating in tournaments that have clear guidelines for safety (which JVA and AAU allows us to control)
  • We are not against masks, but state guidelines don’t require kids to wear masks while they play, and we have been successful so far with masks off the court (this is subject to change)


  • We try to give our team offers within 24 hours of tryouts or sooner
  • We also have makeup tryouts to consider


  • With safety in mind, we won’t use more than 3 competition courts at any given time
  • Extra courts will be used for gear storage/ team seating in between matches
  • We will have pool play, and then you’ll be done for the day, we will not use playoff brackets
  • We will have playoffs at the end of the season depending on points earned during pool play
  • Trying to keep teams only in the facility for half of the day, vs. the regular all-day tournaments
  • We will still have parents be volunteers and be live streaming the courts
  • If the state eventually allows, we are prepared to allow spectators
  • Travel for tournaments is currently tentative. It’s not in the budget, and it will depend on if we feel it is safe to travel when the tournaments come
  • If a tournament doesn’t have clear procedures provided to keep our athletes safe, we don’t go to that tournament


  • Faster internet installed so that kids can work and study in their off time, and to provide live streaming to spectators that can’t be in the facility
  • We value the time our players and athletes choose to spend in our facility
  • The former lobby is currently being transformed into a cardio room, with 12 new cardio machines such as treadmills, air bikes, and rowers
    • Kids will wear masks inside the weight or cardio rooms
    • Only 1 team in each room at a time
  • 3 goals for the season: safety, injury prevention, and performance
  • More positional training for high school level athletes, and more technical training for middle school level
  • New tracking/sensor system (PTS Bioengineering) which will analyze athlete bodies/musculature to prevent injuries, and track improvements
  • Allows us as coaches to see things that we can’t as coaches just see with our eyes (muscle activation when jumping, landing, etc.)


  • Contact college coaches to let them know that we can provide links to practices and tournaments for coaches to live stream
  • Bringing back Anna Moreno, a former Bucknell coach as NVVA recruiter
  • Working with HS athletes on their recruitment plans, and then working with all athletes on their leadership skills
  • Once a week, age groups will meet with Anna online and be given a book to help build those leadership skills
  • We will also bring in college alumni and professional athletes to meet with and advise our athletes online