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11/16/2020 COVID-19 update

By NVVA Staff , 11/16/20, 5:30PM EST


NVVA families and athletes,

We would like to provide you with an update in regards to our COVID-19 policies and procedures.

On 11/13/2020, Governor Northam announced an update to Executive Order 67 and Executive Order 63, adding more restrictions to the way businesses can operate. As a volleyball sports facility that provides recreational sports opportunities, we fall into two different categories within this order. Our workout area falls into the fitness category and our volleyball courts into the recreational sports category. 

There was no new restriction imposed on the recreational sports category concerning participant limits or face masks mandate. However, COVID-19 cases in Northern Virginia have increased rapidly in the past few days. With the winter season and Thanksgiving holiday ahead, NVVA has decided to self-impose a few restrictions effective today November 16th, 2020, until December 16th, 2020. The new restrictions are: 

- Athletes must wear a mask at all times, including during practices. Our coaches are aware of the difficulty that some athletes may face by wearing a mask during exercise and will adapt the drills and intensity as needed. 

- Coaches will limit practices to skills development drills and not team drills. The goal is to limit exposure by allowing players to maintain a physical distance of 10 feet. 

The new Executive Order imposes more limitations on how group and fitness classes must be handled. The further limitations are within the guidelines we have already implemented in our weight room and cardio room. However, NVVA has decided to self impose the following restrictions: 

-  No more than six athletes inside any of our workout room areas. 

-  Bring workout activities to the volleyball courts when possible. 

The restrictions above are being added with an abundance of precaution to ensure our athletes can enjoy a full volleyball season. We understand that wearing a mask while being active may be uncomfortable and that the athletes may be anxious to start practicing team drills with their new teammates. However, doing our part to diminish COVID-19 cases is our priority during the next four weeks.