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Podcast: Lea and Laurie Brady

By Rodrigo Gomes & Liz Aker, 01/24/17, 1:15PM EST


From the volleyball courts to the firefighting academy

Some of the greatest experiences come from going out on a limb and challenging yourself in new ways. Today’s guests are Lea & Laurie, a mother daughter team who embraced this risk together.

Before volleyball, Lea tried gymnastics at a young age before finding it too awkward. After watching beach volleyball summer Olympics, her interested was peaked and her love for volleyball was born. After consecutive summers of volleyball camps, she tried out in 6th grade to be rejected by her 6th grade coach. Instead of turning and shying away from defeat, Lea fought harder to find her rhythm in the sport and practiced hard on and off the court.

Lea is a great example of a student athlete who found balance between school and practices. It wasn’t always easy with early mornings and late evenings, but she had the drive to keep pushing even when times were tough. Lea made a lot of sacrifices for volleyball, including her social life as a teen. Through constant check-ins, her parents knew she was confident and happy in her choices and made sure she got the occasional day off to recollect herself and keep pushing.

Join Lea, Laurie and me as we discuss Lea’s successful journey through volleyball!