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PODCAST: Becca Armstrong

By Rodrigo Gomes, 04/24/17, 10:00AM EDT


What is your why?

Have you ever wondered how some companies seem to know how bring in all the customers? For example, how exactly did Steve Jobs create this massive Apple empire? According to Becca Armstrong of the Why Institute, it’s simple: Steve knew his why and shared it with everyone else.

Becca has many titles, one of which is a volleyball coach at NVVA. In addition to volleyball, Becca is an executive coach, a success expert and a psychotherapist. Her vast array of knowledge is commendable and has changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands. NVVA President/CEO Rodrigo Gomes and Becca have been working together to help NVVA staff, coaches and athletes to maximize their personal growth by identifying theirs why. 

Join us as we discover what our true why might be and how we can utilize our why to its highest potential!


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