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NVVA 20 year birthday

By Rodrigo Gomes, 07/17/17, 2:45PM EDT


Last Friday the Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA) celebrated its 20 year birthday.

Shirley Terry, Rodrigo Gomes, Dean Shumway, Cathy Murdick and Kris Wojieck

Last Friday the Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (NVVA) celebrated its 20 year birthday. NVVA was founded in 1997  with the goal of creating more opportunities for young athletes to play volleyball. Today, NVVA is one of the largest volleyball organizations in the country offering volleyball programs for athletes all ages and levels.

NVVA's staff organized a cocktail party to celebrate, inviting current and past board members, coaches, players, and staff. "Tonight, that was incredible to see those who were so essential to the construction of NVVA together celebrating here at the Virginia Volleyball Center. NVVA and the volleyball community are very grateful for all the effort everyone has put in over the years to build such a great organization," says NVVA President/CEO Rodrigo Gomes.

During the celebration, NVVA recognized two of its past presidents, Cathy Murdick and NVVA founder and former president Dean Shumway. Murdick was NVVA's president for two terms and was an essential leader during the construction and opening of the Virginia Volleyball Center,  a 50,000 square foot volleyball-only facility that is the home of NVVA. Dean Shumway was the visionary behind the creation of NVVA, during a time that youth volleyball was not well known in Northern Virginia. He was also responsible for the establishment of Loudoun Youth Volleyball, a youth league organized by NVVA that provides opportunities to over 1200 players to play and learn volleyball each year. "Cathy has always been a great friend and mentor, especially during my first three years leading NVVA. She has helped NVVA to go through its toughest battles, and we should all be so thankful to all she has done for volleyball. Dean Shumway is one of the most influential people in the history of Northern Virginia and USA volleyball. His visions and accomplishments have provided opportunities for so many players to get involved in the game, and we should be forever thankful for his work," says Gomes.

NVVA is looking forward to starting its 21st year with lots of exciting news to come. The organization continues to evolve- working with adults and beach volleyball - and continuing to provide many more volleyball opportunities in Northern Virginia.