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Preparing for Tryouts!

By NVVA Staff, 11/01/17, 11:00AM EDT


Whether you are new to volleyball or a seasoned veteran, tryouts can be a nerve-racking event for anyone! Nerves and high expectations can get the better of athletes and performances can be affected. NVVA coaches have seen it ALL and we’re here to help everyone show the best of their volleyball and athletic skills and have the best experience possible when going through tryouts.

NVVA is one of the largest volleyball clubs on the East Coast and, therefore, has a very large number of girls trying out each year for each age group. With hundreds of players in the gym at one time, it can get loud and confusing quick! Here’s what to expect when you first walk in the door so that first step isn’t overwhelming.

First, you’ll check in where your picture will be taken, you’ll get a number badge to attach to your t-shirt, and your height and arm-reach will be measured. After the check-in period, players will start their athletic testing which includes measuring jump height, speed, and agility. And lastly, players will be measured on their volleyball skills (passing, setting, hitting, and serving) before playing in a game of volleyball much like Queen of the Court.

Both athletic and volleyball scores are a large part of the tryout process. However, coaches scouting players for their team will look at all aspects of a player who shows up to tryouts including attitude and level of effort.

Here are a few tips we’ve collected from our coaches and what they like to look for at tryouts:

  • Effort is huge! Make an effort toward every ball and don't just let it drop.
  • Talk and be loud! In volleyball, this means calling the ball (Mine! Mine! Mine!) and talking with others on the court about what’s going on.
  • No walking. Walking generally shows less effort and can slow down drills. A good rule of thumb is to try and never be the last one back to the court.
  • Ask questions! If you’re confused about a drill, tell the coach at the beginning. Coaches want to make sure everyone knows where they’re going or what they’re doing so players can highlight their skills to their best ability.
  • Showcase your personality! High-five players, say “Nice pass!” or “You got it!”, cheer if your team gets a point. A positive presence on the court goes a long way in women’s volleyball.

​​Most importantly, relax and have fun! Playing a sport is supposed to be a great experience and NVVA wants everyone to enjoy volleyball as much as possible! Make sure to dress comfortably and have shoes that fit well. Bring plenty of water, mark your bottles clearly with your name, and take off all jewelry before tryouts. Due to the large numbers, plan on getting to the VVC at least 30 minutes before your session to check in so you’re not rushed.