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Club Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

By NVVA Staff, 10/30/17, 3:30PM EDT


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Frequently Asked Questions
We've collected the most asked questions about club volleyball over the seasons and have answered them below. If you have any more questions, tune into our LIVE Q&As on Instagram and Facebook mentioned above!

Registering for Tryouts, what do I need?
For Indoor Club Volleyball, you will need a valid USA Volleyball Membership for the FULL 2017-2018 season. Before going any further, please renew or apply for a membership here:

Registration for Beach Club tryouts does not require a USAV membership. For a list of tryout dates and times, visit Tryout information can also be found on each team's individual page.

What happens if you don’t make a Travel team?
If you’re trying out for Travel and do not make the ICE team, the next level would be the Select 1 or 2 teams. Select players who wanted Travel are encouraged to signup for Beach Club Volleyball in addition to Select. It is possible to do both indoor club and beach club as schedules do not conflict. Beach would then give Select players an additional practice during the week for continued improvement and strength and conditioning.

Why are there no 17's teams?
NVVA will not be forming a Travel 17 ICE team for the 2017-2018 season. Players will instead be asked to try out for our 18 ICE team. At this age group, 17-year-old athletes will see better competition, learn and develop in the sport faster, and gain more exposure to college recruiters. The 18-year-olds will also be able to act as mentors to the younger girls and the younger girls can reciprocate the following year to the next group of 17-year-olds.

What are the travel commitments for Travel? Select? Regional? Beach?

  • NVVA ICE Elite teams have the highest travel requirement for a club team. These teams will travel to several tournaments via airplane. Specific tournaments and locations can be found on the individual Travel team pages.
  • The Select Division will generally travel to tournaments within a 4-hour radius of the VVC. Tournament cities at this division include Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, and Virginia Beach. Specific tournaments and locations can be found on our Select teams’ individual pages.
  • Regional Division teams will have most of their tournaments locally at the VVC. They will also have a couple tournaments in Washington DC, and Maryland. These teams will typically only travel within a 1-hour radius of the VVC. Regional team pages
  • Beach Club Volleyball teams will practice at the VVC’s indoor sand court. They will have the option of picking which tournaments they will be able to make. Tournament cities include Apex, NC, Virginia Beach, and Gulf Shores, AL. Beach team pages

Trying out for Select and Regional Divisions?
If you are planning on trying out for both the Select and Regional team, you will need to sign up for both the Select tryout and the Regional tryout sessions. The Select and Regional Division tryouts are at separate times and dates. NVVA can only guarantee the Regional coaches will be at the Regional tryouts and Select Coaches at Select tryouts. Additionally, players will be moved to different courts as coaches will want to group possible players for their team together to see how they play. The NVVA tryout fee is $55 and an additional $25 to register for another tryout session.

Playing time in each division.
Volleyball is not a timed sport and therefore coaches are not able to guarantee a specific amount of playing time. Club volleyball matches are also limited to only 12 substitutions per set. Once you run out of substitutions, your lineup on the court stays no matter what. At the Travel and Select divisions, coaches going for Gold will play their strongest lineups in order to win matches. With 12-14 players on each team, this can sometimes mean limited playing time for certain players. At the Regional level, coaches will generally try to even out playing time as much as they can with the number of subs they have and the number of times the teams rotate. 

What if you don’t make a team?
If trying out for a specific division and do not make a team, NVVA still offers plenty of programs to continue your volleyball training. NVVA’s Galaxy League is a great program for players that wish to keep playing volleyball after LYV or High School seasons end. Galaxy League has a separate tryout session after Club tryouts, and players will be placed with athletes of similar age and skills. Galaxy League


Haven't found an answer to your question? Ask it on one of our Live Q&As on Instagram and Facebook.
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