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What to Expect: Galaxy League

By NVVA Staff, 12/26/17, 4:30PM EST


Galaxy is a league for beginners and other players who are looking for a more focused learning environment. Each team will have both a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach. Each team on average will have about 12 players to allow for in-team scrimmaging. Throughout the season, the teams will have plenty of opportunities to also scrimmage other teams as all of them will be practicing at the VVC. During scrimmaging most teams will operate under a 6-6 rotation. That means all players will rotate around and get a chance to play every position. While the practice plan will be dependent on the coach and the individual skills that the players need to work on, there are certain drills that players can expect from many of their practices


  1. Butterfly - there are many variations of this drill, but the most common one is set up with a coach toss and a passing line on each side of the net and the players will pass to a target, then become the target before placing the ball in the cart and going to the other side to start all over.

  2. Queen of the Court/King of the Court - Players are in groups of three and if the team wins the point on the “monarch side” they get a point and get to stay. Whichever team loses has to leave the court to get back in line. If the non-monarch side misses their serve, the monarch side gets a free ball. If the non-monarch side wins, they cross to the monarch side.

  3. Monarch Bounce - The same rules as above except if the non-monarch loses, they get a bounced ball that they must put over immediately whether a free ball, push, or attack.


The most important thing is that the players attend every practice. Obviously, there will be certain times when missing practice is unavoidable, but if the player can feasibly make it to practice, they should attend in order to ensure more opportunities for improvement. Getting touches on the ball during practice is vital to develop muscle memory and chemistry with other players.