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Club Volleyball: What's the Next Step?

By NVVA Staff, 10/04/18, 5:00PM EDT


Are you just getting started with your volleyball career? Have you played in a league before and want to know how to take the next step? Did you play club volleyball last year and are now shopping around for another club? NVVA has many different team levels available to accommodate various levels of skill, age, and development. Below, we will set out to answer your questions by unpacking what each of our Club Divisions and Leagues has to offer so that you can make the most informed decision on which program is right for you.

Travel Division

Our travel division is comprised of our ICE teams. These teams have the most rigorous and competitive practice and play schedules and require the highest level of commitment. Practices will include fast-paced volleyball training and our specialized program for volleyball conditioning Volleyball Genome. Our most elite and experienced athletes play for these teams and travel all over the country to compete in top competitions. Team fee does not cover travel costs, so families are free to make their own travel arrangements and use any kind of mile points or coupons they desire. Practices will focus on volleyball IQ and advanced skills and technique.

Select Division

Select teams also compete in a more rigorous division, but they don’t have to travel as far for their competition. Their practice schedule includes both volleyball training and specialized personal training with Volleyball Genome to help them grow stronger throughout the season. These teams still require a lot of commitment and a fair amount of experience. Select practices work on improving individual skill and gameplay intensity.

Regional Division

For players that have some experience, but aren’t able to commit to long distance travel, regional is the team for you. Regional teams will also have access to “Volleyball Genome” training in addition to their regular practice. These teams will only travel as far as Maryland and DC and their practices will focus on learning the game of volleyball and developing volleyball skill.

NOVA Division

Our NOVA division is brand new this year and has a little bit of a different setup. In this division, players will be representing the Northern Virginia region in the Virginia Youth Volleyball League along with teams from Richmond and Virginia Beach. Tournaments will be held at the Virginia Volleyball Center or the Richmond Volleyball Center. For this division, a USA Volleyball membership is not required. While the girls will learn how to keep score and to referee, we will be teaching them in an easy, relaxed environment, and they are not required to pay the fees for the USAV Certification. This division will enjoy the same season length as all of the previous divisions.

Galaxy League

This league is geared toward beginners who want to learn more about the game and get lots of touches. Teams will be formed based on skill level to ensure players get the proper instruction and attention to ensure improvement. Coaches take practice time twice a week to teach players the basics of each skill and help them to get a sense of the general flow of the game while also helping them develop motor skills essential to the game. For players on Galaxy teams, there is no travel required as they will practice at the Virginia Volleyball Center and will compete against other Galaxy teams. There will a big one-day tournament at the end of each session where players will be able to show what they have learned over the course of the season against teams of similar skill level. Each Galaxy season runs for 8-weeks at a time, with four seasons per year and Galaxy League teams practice twice a week for a total of 2.5 hours per week. Teams often scrimmage each other during practice to teach gameplay