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Beach Volleyball: What you need to know

By NVVA Staff, 10/25/18, 5:00PM EDT


Beach Volleyball has long been a west coast staple, but over the last few years, interest for the sunny-weather sport is growing in the East Coast. As one of the largest clubs in Virginia, we have significantly improved our program to make beach volleyball available to all. With the beach court also being housed in the same facility as our indoor courts, participating in both indoor and beach programs is a breeze.

Indoor Sand Court

With an indoor sand court, our program allows for year-round training and competition. For an outdoor sport, training in the elements is an important part of successful competition. With that in mind, the VVC has garage doors that open near our court and fans to allow sun and wind to be a factor in the training program. But don’t worry,  because these conditions are only simulated, weather is not a factor in how often players can train. Unlike many public outdoor beach courts that may have outdated equipment and other unsafe conditions, NVVA’s court is maintained for an optimum training environment so players can train as much as they’d like when they’d like.


Heading our beach program is Coach Pedro Paulo (Pepê) Costa. Coach Pepê played professional beach volleyball for Brazil for many years before transitioning to coaching.  He went on to spearhead a large volleyball program in Paraguay before he was recruited to coach the Qatar Beach National Team, which he led to their first ever Olympic appearance. Coach Pepê is assisted by California native, Coach Eric Johnson. Johnson had an impressive volleyball career at both the collegiate and national levels as well as experience playing and coaching beach volleyball.

Beach Programs

All beach programs offered are able to run seamlessly in tandem with NVVA’s various indoor programs. Unlike the indoor programs, most of the coaching is done in practice and players call the shot at their tournaments. In Beach Volleyball, coaching during play is not allowed but is reserved for timeouts and between matches. For this reason, players can now request individualized coaching at tournaments, subject to availability.

Bossa Beach Elite

For this division, no tryout is required and the practice schedule is whatever athletes choose it to be. Training sessions will be scheduled upon request so that players can make their beach training fit their own personal schedule. This also means that players are able to train year-round. Each session will have a maximum of 4 people to ensure individualized training, while also providing opportunities for game-like drills.


This division has a set practice schedule and does require tryouts. The tournament schedule, as above, is at the discretion of the players. Athletes will register for tournaments in pairs, but this should not cause any anxiety. If a player has not found a partner to compete with, coaches can help pair each player with a competition partner.

Bossa Beach Tours

The Fall Bossa Beach tour has just finished, but registration for the Winter Bossa Beach Tour is open now. Sign up in pairs to compete in our very own Indoor Beach tours.


NVVA’s Bossa Beach program offers clinics regularly throughout the course of the year. These clinics strive to develop and perfect skills vital to success in beach volleyball. Attending clinics also allows for a fast paced environment to get exposure to players and techniques that may be different than what they typically see in practice. All clinics are run by our highly qualified coaches and guest coaches like last year’s special guest coach, Jackie Silva, former Brazilian Olympic Gold Medalist. For more clinic opportunities, click here for updates.

Upcoming: Tryout Prep Clinics

  • October 25th and 30th from 6-7:30 pm
  • Led by Coach Pepê and Coach Eric
  • For both Middle School and High School Players