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Men's A+/AA 3s (KOB)


Tuesday: 7pm - 9pm

Start Date:


Team Price


Free agent Price



8 Weeks

About the League

No team required!  This popular format allows individuals to sign up and play triples in a blind draw format each week.

  • Teams are comprised of who is drawn each round using a numbering system created at the beginning of each night of competition.  

  • Each of the 3 rounds played in a night is a different group playing together to earn points throughout the season.

  • Individuals track their own scores and are seeded on overall points.

Players in this league should have a solid knowledge of the game and its rules. Skill levels range from advanced Intermediate to experienced. All players understand offensive concepts and defensive positions. Game and player strategies are well understood (i.e., running offensive plays, identifying opponent weaknesses, reading opponent plays).

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