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NVVA Camps & Clinics

Looking to improve your serve? Want to try beach volleyball? Need volleyball specifc training? NVVA is here to help! We provide specific opportunities for you to get better in the areas you want!

NVVA also provides specific opportunites for LYV assessment preperation and High School tryout preperation before the season starts. Practice what will happen before you get there! There are plenty of opportunite to fit into YOUR schedule with the various clinics, camps, and lessons below.

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Girls Camps

Boys Camps

Beach Camps

Strength Training

NVVA's Volleyball Genome Project focuses on developing a player's overall skills including strength, vertical jump, and speed. The program was created with the goal of identifying an athlete's strength and weakness, relative to strength and performance

NVVA's Volleyball Genome Camp offers sessions where players will learn and improve upon specific movements. We use drills, adapted for players' individual abilities, to emphasize vertical jump, arm speed, leg speed, and injury prevention. All players ages 10-16 interested in improving his or her Volleyball Genome are encouraged to participate!

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