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NVVA welcomes Director of Volleyball

We are thrilled to announce that Tim Kilminster will join us as the new Director of Volleyball for the Northern Virginia Volleyball Association! Tim is a passionate and innovative educator and leader with a wealth of experience in physical and health education, both in the classroom and on the court.

"We interviewed multiple highly qualified candidates for this position, including coaches for the best national teams in the world. After meeting with Tim, we knew that his background and experience were not only what NVVA and its athletes, coaches, and parents need but also what youth sports need, someone that is an expert in youth education and leading teachers and coaches to become the best they can be" says NVVA's President/CEO, Rodrigo Gomes.

Tim comes to us from the International School Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, where he was the Leader of Learning - Physical and Health Education for over 10 years. He led the transformation of the PE curriculum to make it more engaging and meaningful for students, using a spiral approach that revisited vital concepts and content throughout the program. He also offered a variety of sports and activities for students to explore their interests and talents and integrated Positive Education and well-being programs into the PE curriculum, advisory programs, and coaching of sports teams.

Tim is a leader and a lifelong learner who supports the professional development of his colleagues. He has helped them understand and implement the International Baccalaureate (IB) pedagogical approaches and provided them with internal and external opportunities for growth. He has also been involved in the recruitment and hiring process for various roles within the school, including Director, Deputy Director, Principal, and Assistant Principal.

As a teacher, Tim has taught Grades 6-10 IB MYP Physical and Health Education and the DP Sports, Exercise, and Health Science course. He has also been an advisory teacher for grades 6-12, supporting students' transitions and development as learners inside and outside the classroom.

As a coach, Tim has coached middle and high school volleyball, football, basketball, and track and field. He has learned from the Gold Medal Squared program, known for its science-based teaching methods and success in winning championships at all levels and genders. He applies these methods to his coaching strategies and student-athlete development.

We are excited to welcome Tim to our NVVA family and look forward to working with him to take our volleyball program to new heights!

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