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NVVA’s Galaxy Program Enhances Its Experience

Welcome to a new era of volleyball at NVVA! As we strive to nurture a love for the game and develop outstanding young athletes, we're excited to introduce significant enhancements to our programs, crafted with thoughtful consideration of what families and young players need most. Our primary goal has always been to create a nurturing environment where children are not just playing volleyball but truly enjoying and growing in the sport. To achieve this, we are embracing a community-driven approach that acknowledges "it takes a village" to raise a child.

Recognizing families' evolving needs and the dynamic nature of youth sports, we have redesigned our program structure to offer greater flexibility and more tailored experiences. Now, families can select the division and time slots that best fit their children's skill levels and schedules. This change aims to streamline the registration process, reduce friction, and encourage greater participation by matching athletes with appropriate challenges and peers right from the start.

In the initial two weeks, our focus will be on skill development without the immediate pressure of team placement. This period allows players to engage deeply with the fundamentals of volleyball, gaining confidence and skills in a supportive environment. Following this, our first assessment will help determine the most suitable team for each player, ensuring they are placed with peers of similar skill levels. This method fosters a sense of belonging and sets the stage for effective team dynamics.

As the season progresses, our coaches will shift their focus towards teamwork and game strategy, culminating in an exciting end-of-season tournament that showcases the athletes' development and team cohesion.

Join us as we embark on this refreshed journey, where every young athlete has the opportunity to shine, learn, and enjoy the thrill of volleyball. We're excited for you to see the positive changes and look forward to welcoming your family into our community-focused program, designed to cultivate not just athletes but lifelong enthusiasts of the sport.

What Changes Families Will See

  • We have created divisions to group like-minded and skilled athletes using a training program tailored to each division's goals and objectives.

  • Families will have the flexibility during registration to select the division they want to participate in based on schedule and skill set.  Athletes who have attended recent assessments or tryouts will have a cumulative score to help them identify which of our divisions they would be best challenged in.  Athletes who do not have this information are welcome to register for our Stardust or Galactic Division without a score.  Our Universal Division requires a cumulative score of 50 or higher or a tryout to participate.

What Families Can Continue to Count On

  •  Best-in-Class Coaching

Families will continue to benefit from top-tier coaching by experienced and highly qualified 

professionals, ensuring athletes receive the best guidance and support.

  • Results-Proven Training Program

  The training program remains rooted in methods and techniques that have consistently

delivered positive outcomes, helping athletes achieve their personal best and surpass their 


  • Regular In-Season Assessments

Throughout the season, athletes will undergo regular assessments to monitor their progress, 

adjust training plans as needed, and ensure continuous improvement.

  • Season-Ending Competition

The program will still culminate in a significant season-ending competition, providing athletes 

with the opportunity to showcase their skills and hard work in a competitive environment.

Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to be part of this new experience!

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